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Corona Virus COVID-19Corona Virus Covid-19 Updates

Dear EAP users, the current pandemic of the virus has put our governments into high alert and drastic measures to counteract the potential spread had to be taken. This creates a lot of additional pressures on all of us, making changes and adjustments to our habitual lifestyles which we could not have anticipated. 

We from our professional position want to do everything possible to support and assist you in coping with the anxieties, open questions, difficulties to organize your daily routines, adjusting work/family life issues, concerns about your loved ones, maybe facing serious consequences through pre-existing illnesses affecting the elder generation in your vicinity. 

For this we offer you to visit the WHO link on healthy sanitary behaviour (see below).

Further we invite you to visit the webinar “Mental Well-Being during Isolation” (see below).

For those who wish to call your EAP please refer to the list of access numbers made available through your workplace.

Our service structure remains fully accessible and open to anyone in need. Based on the current restrictions we offer telephonic and video channel based interactions. No visits to the counsellors office in order to protect you and our dedicated professional resources.

Stay connected and make sure you stay safe!

Your EAP team



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