Ergonomics in the workplace is a newer trend, fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of those fulfilling the job assignments. To make successful ‘fits’ assures high productivity, avoidance of illness and risks of injury resulting from job assignments. Providing employees with the adapted tools and equipment further has a positive impact on job satisfaction.

A major component of ergonomics is the development of industry-specific and task-specific guidelines to reduce and prevent workplace musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). These guidelines are tools to assist employers in recognizing and controlling ergonomics-related risk factors. The mental health of employees also can be negatively influenced by inadequate ‘fits’ leading to long term illnesses and absence from the work with all the negative consequences this may hold.

Assessment of Ergonomic Risk

CCS offers the expertise of specially trained professionals to assess work related factors that may pose a risk of musculoskeletal injuries and longer term disorders from inappropriate ‘fits’. The expert will make detailed recommendations to individual employees as much as to the H&S department. We further coordinate recommendations with the Medical Department where available.

Recommendations are provided in written report form. CCS works with guidelines from OSHA and guidance from its clients.

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